Friday, April 9, 2010

We just returned from Spring break in Boise. It was relaxing and a fun change of scenery. The big attraction on the trip was my nephew Charlie. All the kids took turns feeding, changing and playing with him. He is so cute!

So what might one do while in Boise? These are the regular attractions:

1. A morning walk on the greenbelt by the Boise river which happens to be in my parent's back yard.

2. Catch a movie. The boys went with my Dad to see Avatar.

3. Mongolian BBQ! The best things with a big group. Grab your bowl, fill it up with what you want and watch them cook it while you wait. (This time the gumball machine had 50 cent false teeth that were good for about 15 minutes of laughter for Jordan and me.)

4. A visit to my 97 year old Grandma's house where we pulled out the 40 year old Spyrograph and other games like Parchisee, and Hi-Q. She showed us old pictures and of course fed Ben some treats she had whipped up. We brought lunch and we talked for an hour of so.

5. Play several rounds of Scattergories. We played some with my B.F. Joni from High school and her cute girls.

6. Eat world famous Grandpa pancakes made from scratch with buttermilk. Sooooo delicious!

7. Take a shopping trip to the mall with Julie the most awesome Mom, and maybe some cheesecake at the Factory!

8. Have a relaxing evening dip in the hot tub, under the stars.

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? It was fun. Thanks Mom and Dad! You're the best.

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